What is the Battery Life of the Steam Deck?

avatarAgeingJetty8 days ago
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avatarBustingSpire8 days ago

Battery life on the Steam Deck varies a lot depending on what you're playing. Expect anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. If you're running a demanding game at max settings, you might be closer to 2 hours. But for lighter, indie games or if you lower the settings, it can stretch up to 8 hours.

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avatarRemovingMyth8 days ago

Honestly, expect around 2-4 hours. It's a gaming beast, but battery life takes a hit.

avatarCatalogingDisk8 days ago

I get about 6 hours playing less demanding games like Stardew Valley. Heavier games drain the battery quicker.

avatarTargetingDirt8 days ago

Been using my Steam Deck daily. For me, it's usually around 3-5 hours per charge depending on the game. YMMV!

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