What is the Birdcage in One Piece?

avatarDemonstratingUnit3 months ago
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avatarInterferingHooda month ago

Birdcage? Think of the most OP barrier you can, then make it deadly. Doflamingo uses it to trap Dressrosa. No getting in or out, just pure chaos inside.

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avatarDescribingHaila month ago

Oh, the Birdcage is a seriously intense moment in One Piece! It's basically this super strong, super sharp barrier that Doflamingo, a major antagonist, creates using his string-string fruit powers. He encloses the entire Dressrosa island with it, trapping everyone inside. It's not just for show; it's deadly and cuts through almost anything, making it a race against time for the Straw Hats and allies to stop it and save everyone. Talk about high stakes!

avatarAttainingForda month ago

Actually, I think the Birdcage kinda dragged the arc a bit. Sure, it was dramatic, but felt like it slowed the pace way down. Not my fav part.

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