What is the D-pad on the Steam Deck?

avatarCluingWear8 days ago
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avatarMisleadingBride8 days ago

The D-pad on the Steam Deck is that little cross-shaped button thingy on the left side, perfect for retro games and precise controls!

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avatarLettingTail8 days ago

It's the directional pad on the left side used for navigation and actions in games, kinda like on classic consoles.

avatarTabulatingMadam8 days ago

D-pad: It's the four-way button on the left. Honestly, it's super comfy for old-school platformers!

avatarCreatingGulf8 days ago

The Steam Deck's D-pad is a set of directional buttons on the left side of the device. It's ideal for 2D games.

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