What is the hardest Pokemon card to get?

avatarQuestioningVale2 months ago
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avatarDemonstratingUnit2 months ago

Hands down, the Pikachu Illustrator card is like the unicorn of Pokemon TCG. Only a handful were ever made for a special competition in Japan back in the 90s, making it super rare. If you reckon you'll stumble upon one at your local card shop, you might wanna grab a lottery ticket too, cuz your luck's on fire!

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avatarBringingLimp2 months ago

Charizard 1st Edition Base Set, no contest. That card's the Holy Grail for collectors. The price it fetches on auctions is insane!

avatarCoilingShip2 months ago

Gotta say, the Shadowless Charizard card from the Base Set really sets the bar for rarity. Not just any Charizard card - the shadowless ones are from the very first print run before they added the shadow to the frame. It's like finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild - super rare and super cool.

avatarEarningOunce2 months ago

Honestly, any 1st Edition card from the Base Set is tough to find. They were the first ones printed, after all. But if we're talking the hardest, it's the Pikachu Illustrator, no doubt. The others are rare, but Illustrator is next-level scarce.

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