What is the largest microSD card for Steam Deck?

avatarRepeatingRitz10 days ago
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avatarInterferingHood10 days ago

The Steam Deck officially supports microSD cards up to 1TB. So you can go big with that 1TB card for your game library!

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avatarScoldingIrony10 days ago

I have a 1TB card in my Steam Deck, and it's a game-changer. Literally. Highly recommend getting the largest supported size for seamless gaming.

avatarAttendingStoke10 days ago

You can rock a 1TB microSD card for your Steam Deck. It鈥檚 the max capacity Valve has confirmed.

avatarCluingWear10 days ago

Honestly, if you're filling up 1TB, it's time to consider deleting some games. But yeah, 1TB is the max.

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