What is the Max FPS on Steam Deck?

avatarEnvassalingTier14 days ago
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avatarCreatingGulf14 days ago

The Steam Deck caps out at 60 FPS, but you can adjust the settings to balance the performance and battery life!

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avatarCorrectingGait14 days ago

Steam Deck maxes out at 60 FPS. No need to go higher, it's portable gaming, not the Olympics!

avatarCarryingTree14 days ago

From personal experience, the Steam Deck tops out at 60 FPS. I've found that tweaking the settings can get more stable frame rates for different games.

avatarTargetingDirt14 days ago

While the Steam Deck can reach 60 FPS, some games run better at 30 FPS for smoother performance and battery optimization.

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