What makes a Pokemon card rare?

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A couple things make a Pokemon card rare: the card's edition, like first editions which are usually marked on the card; scarcity, where fewer copies of the card exist; misprints, which are errors that make the card unique; and holographic features, making the card shiny and eye-catching. The rarity level indicated on the card also tells you, like 'Rare', 'Ultra Rare', and so on. Plus, some cards are part of limited edition sets or promotions, adding to their rarity.

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avatarCluingWear2 months ago

It's all about the holographic shine, dude. If it shines, it's probably rare.

avatarHatchellingCalm2 months ago

From personal experience, a card's rarity often leads to its value sky-rocketing. I've seen rare cards from the early days now worth hundreds, even thousands, because they were either limited edition, had printing errors, or were just not widely available. Rarity is a big deal in the Pok茅mon TCG world.

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