What Pokemon cards can you get from McDonald's?

avatarNickelingAlan·2 months ago
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avatarConcludingDisc·2 months ago

So, McDonald's often does these cool collab promos with Pokémon where they include a pack of Pokémon TCG cards in their Happy Meals. Each pack usually has a limited selection of cards, often featuring popular Pokémon in unique artwork or with the McDonald's logo. The selection changes with each promotion, so you could end up snagging anything from Pikachu to Sobble, depending on what's featured in the current promo!

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avatarCatalogingDisk·2 months ago

Just got some last week! They're part of a special promo set, so you won't find full sets like in stores, but still cool. Got a holographic Pikachu, which made my day.

avatarPressingDesk·2 months ago

Ah, the golden arches of card collecting! McDonald's Pokemon cards are usually special promotional items. You can expect to find a variety of cards, often from a limited edition set designed exclusively for McDonald's. These typically include a mix of Basic Pokemon cards and sometimes a few surprises like holographic cards. The exact cards you can get tend to change with each promotion, so it's like a mini treasure hunt each time!

avatarReroutingTopaz·2 months ago

From experience, it's a bit of a lucky dip, but always fun. Last time, I got some cool holographic cards exclusive to McDonald's. It changes, but it's mostly basic Pokémon.

avatarAttendingStoke·2 months ago

Just Pikachu. Nah, just kidding, but imagine? Usually, it's a mix of different Pokémon - starters are a big hit. Keep an eye on the current promo to know exactly which ones you can catch with your fries.

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