What Pokémon Use Unova Stone in Pokémon GO?

avatarCaringEthos·12 days ago
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avatarDroppingSway·12 days ago

Chandelure, which evolves from Lampent, is one of the main Pokémon that need a Unova Stone. Grab your ghostly friend!

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avatarCreatingGulf·12 days ago

Eelektross, evolving from Eelektrik, also requires a Unova Stone. Shockingly good choice!

avatarManningAndy·12 days ago

Uh, why use Unova Stones at all? Just get the other Pokémon that don't need it. Save yourself the hassle!

avatarAssoilzieingThrow·12 days ago

Using a Unova Stone, you can evolve Pansear into Simisear, Pansage into Simisage, and Panpour into Simipour. Triple the monkey fun!

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