What SD Card Should You Buy for the Steam Deck?

avatarDepetallingMummyยท8 days ago
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avatarRegulatingHaleยท8 days ago

I've been using a 256GB Kingston Canvas Go! Plus in my Steam Deck, and it works like a charm. Zero hiccups so far!

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avatarNickelingAlanยท8 days ago

Honestly, just grab a SD card with at least 128GB and a fast read/write speed โ€“ you'll be golden.

avatarManningAndyยท8 days ago

Go for any UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) SD card. Your Steam Deck will love you for it!

avatarAttemptingDanceยท8 days ago

I'd suggest getting a SanDisk Extreme or Samsung EVO Plus. They both offer great speed and reliability, making them perfect for gaming on the Steam Deck!

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