What Switch Games Work on Steam Deck?

avatarSortyingSlag·8 days ago
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avatarEarningOunce·8 days ago

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch games don't natively work on the Steam Deck since they're designed for different platforms. You'd need to use emulation software like Yuzu, which is a Switch emulator, but keep in mind that involves some legal grey areas.

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avatarReroutingTopaz·8 days ago

Nope, Switch games don't work directly on Steam Deck. You'd have to emulate them, but that's kinda tricky and legally murky.

avatarBruisingTopaz·8 days ago

Got a Steam Deck and craving some Switch action? You'll need the Yuzu emulator to play those games, but proceed with caution as it's a legal grey zone. From personal experience, Yuzu can run many Switch games smoothly, but it's a bit of a hassle to set up.

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