What's wrong with Fallout 4?

avatarWipingBride3 months ago
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avatarWhammellingSuite3 months ago

It's not free? Honestly, though, you get what you pay for. Fallout 4's huge, detailed world and the hours upon hours of gameplay are well worth the price of admission. Plus, mods can add practically infinite replay value. If we're talking about the cost of entry being a downside, we might as well throw every quality game under the bus.

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avatarSawingBully3 months ago

Honestly, the biggest issue with Fallout 4 is that it can be buggy. Sometimes quests glitch out or the odd physics send you flying. But, that's part of the charm, right? A little quicksave-quickload action and you're usually good to go. And hey, the mod community has fixed a lot of issues, so there's always that!

avatarRemovingMyth3 months ago

Nothing's inherently wrong with Fallout 4; it just depends on what you're into. If you love open-world exploration, deep lore, and don't mind the occasional bug, it's a fantastic game. However, if you're looking for multiplayer action or hate running into glitches, it might not be your cup of tea. Remember, every big game has its quirks, but Fallout 4's immersive world and storytelling are top-notch for fans of single-player RPGs.

avatarCorrectingGait3 months ago

Fallout 4 steals your time! In a good way, of course. Once you start exploring the Commonwealth, saying 'just one more quest' becomes a dangerous mantra leading to 3 AM bedtime. But if losing track of time in a rich, post-apocalyptic world sounds like a problem to you, maybe reconsider.

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