When to Expect Your Steam Deck Email

avatarAttainingFord10 days ago
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avatarDisbowelingFeel10 days ago

Check your reservation window and Valve's site for updates. They usually notify you via email when it's your turn!

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avatarRequestingFinal10 days ago

You may not get an email for quite a while if you reserved later. Be patient, it's worth the wait!

avatarTrottingArea10 days ago

You should expect an email about your Steam Deck around the time of your reserved spot's availability window. Keep an eye on your inbox!

avatarAssemblingDelta10 days ago

Valve typically sends out Steam Deck emails based on the order of reservations. If you're early on the list, you should expect it sooner.

avatarDepetallingMummy10 days ago

From my experience, I got my email about two weeks before my Deck shipped. It varies, but they do give some heads up.

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