When to Use Power Armor in Fallout 4

avatarRegulatingHale·2 months ago
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avatarJokingTunic·2 months ago

Just use it all the time. Who doesn’t wanna stomp around the wasteland feeling invincible?

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avatarDisbowelingFeel·2 months ago

Power Armor in Fallout 4 is like bringing a tank to a knife fight. Whip it out when you're facing tough battles, like taking on groups of Super Mutants, Deathclaws, or when exploring the highly irradiated areas, such as the Glowing Sea. It’s also super handy during the main quest battles or any faction wars where you’re outnumbered or outgunned. Save that fusion core energy for the big moments!

avatarDepetallingMummy·2 months ago

Honestly, save it for the big fights. Fusion cores aren't exactly lying around everywhere, and walking everywhere in power armor can drain them fast. Use it strategically for difficult missions or when venturing into unknown, possibly dangerous, territories.

avatarJiggettingBait·2 months ago

Only for big battles? Nah, you gotta wear it to intimidate every raider and creature out there. Dominate the wasteland like the post-apocalyptic boss you are.

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