When Will the Steam Deck Dock Be Released?

avatarRavellingMane10 days ago
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avatarRollingHank10 days ago

Officially, Valve said 'late Spring 2022', but delays happen. Expect it when you see it on Steam's front page.

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avatarCluingWear10 days ago

Valve hasn't announced an official release date for the Steam Deck Dock yet. Keep an eye on their updates!

avatarDistributingJoke10 days ago

No exact release date yet for the Steam Deck dock, but expect it to drop soon! Keep checking the Steam news page.

avatarQuestioningVale10 days ago

Valve hasn't given an exact release date yet, but they're aiming for sometime in late 2022. Patience is a virtue, my friend!

avatarPracticingClock10 days ago

It's still TBA (To Be Announced) according to Valve. Follow Steam's news, they might surprise us soon!

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