Where are Bargainer Statues in Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarDisbowelingFeel4 months ago
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avatarAttendingStokea month ago

Actually, the secret to finding Bargainer Statues is pretty simple: explore, explore, explore. The game rewards curiosity big time. I found my first one completely by accident when I was chasing a butterfly of all things. They're out there, just waiting for you to stumble upon them in your adventures through Hyrule.

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avatarReroutingTopaza month ago

Looking for Bargainer Statues in Tears of the Kingdom? You鈥檒l mostly find them hidden in areas that are a bit off the beaten path - think along coastlines, tucked away in mountainous areas, or in hidden caves. They're not exactly shouting 'Here I am!' so keep an eye out for subtle hints or unusual formations in the landscape. One pro tip: if you're near an area that looks peculiarly under-explored or mysteriously empty, chances are, you might be close to one!

avatarAttendingStokea month ago

I get the excitement, but trust me, half the fun is accidentally bumping into these statues while you're out exploring. Don't sweat the specifics too much; you'll find them when you least expect it!

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