Where Is Kass in Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarConcludingDisc·3 months ago
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avatarMisleadingBride·a month ago

Kass, the wandering minstrel bird known for his accordion tunes, can be found at various locations throughout Hyrule in 'Tears of the Kingdom.' He pops up when you least expect it to share a song or two. Keep an ear out for his music as you explore; it's a good indicator he's nearby. Most notably, you’ll often find him near significant landmarks or puzzles.

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avatarCatalogingDisk·a month ago

Actually, finding Kass is part of the charm of 'Tears of the Kingdom.' He doesn’t have a fixed location, so saying exactly where he is would be spoiling the fun. The thrill is in the hunt! My tip? Wander around places where you hear his music playing; it’s like a game of hot and cold.

avatarCarryingMonte·a month ago

Hot take: Kass might be elusive, but he's not as crucial as finding the next shrine or solving the next puzzle. Enjoy the journey, and if you bump into him, cool—if not, you're not missing out on the main game.

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