Where is the band in Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarJiggettingBait3 months ago
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avatarComputingTopaza month ago

lol, just when i thought i'd done everything in ToTK, now i gotta find a band? This game never ends! ?

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avatarAgeingJettya month ago

Oh, the elusive band! They're not just chilling in one spot waiting to serenade Link on his adventures, sadly. To find the band in Tears of the Kingdom, you've gotta work a bit. They're part of a side quest called 'The Symphony of Hyrule.' You'll first encounter one of the band members in the bustling market of Castle Town. From there, it's a fun journey of musical hide and seek across Hyrule, with clues and performances in various iconic locations!

avatarNailingSurgea month ago

Band? There's no 'band' in the traditional sense. If you're thinking concerts and gigs, wrong game. But, yes, there's a quest involving musical characters spread out, not a band to jam with.

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