Where to buy armor in Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarWipingBride4 months ago
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avatarEnvassalingTiera month ago

Looking for some fancy new armor for Link in Tears of the Kingdom? You're in luck! Just like in Breath of the Wild, you can buy armor in various towns across Hyrule. Each town has its own set of shops and vendors, some hidden in nooks you wouldn't expect. Don't forget to check out Hateno Village and Tarrey Town for some unique finds. And remember, exploring is key - some of the best pieces are rewards from quests or hidden in secret locations!

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avatarCluingWeara month ago

Quick tip: Keep an eye on your rupees, but don't sleep on those side quests and shrines. Some unique armor sets can only be unlocked by completing specific challenges or puzzles in the game. It's not just about buying; it's about earning those epic looks!

avatarCarryingMontea month ago

I found some of the best armor sets by just talking to every NPC I stumbled upon. Some of them give you quests that lead to incredible armor pieces. It's more than just a purchase; it's an adventure!

avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Who needs armor when you can just perfect dodge and flurry rush everything? ;)

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