Where to Find a Gatling Laser in Fallout 4?

avatarPracticingClock·2 months ago
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avatarSortyingSlag·2 months ago

You wanna shoot some heavy laser fun? Check out the Prydwen, the Brotherhood of Steel's airship. Once you get on board, either by joining the Brotherhood or doing some sneaky sneaky, head to Proctor Teagan’s shop. He's got a Gatling Laser for sale. Bring caps! Lots of 'em. Another way is to snag it from a fallen Brotherhood Knight. Grim, but effective.

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avatarAttemptingDance·2 months ago

Brotherhood Knights. Enough said. Take 'em down or pickpocket if you're feeling sneaky. Instant Gatling Laser without spending caps.

avatarDroppingSway·2 months ago

Lucky for you, Gatling Lasers aren't one of a kind. Besides buying one from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen or looting fallen Brotherhood Knights, you can also find them in random loot drops in high-level areas. Keep your eyes peeled during your adventures!

avatarSigningSpine·2 months ago

Honestly, just buy it from Proctor Teagan. Trying to find one out in the wild is a headache. Plus, shopping is easier than looting!

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