Where to find House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy

avatarAffordingAggie·3 months ago
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avatarTargetingDirt·3 months ago

You gotta earn those House Tokens by exploring Hogwarts. Look for hidden nooks, complete challenges, and solve puzzles. It’s like the wizarding world’s version of Easter egg hunting but way cooler because you might have to duel a ghost or decipher an ancient rune. So, grab your wand, and let the hunt begin!

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avatarSigningSpine·3 months ago

House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy are a bit of a treasure hunt! They're hidden all around Hogwarts and require a keen eye and a bit of puzzle-solving to find. Think secret rooms, behind tricky spells, or guarded by a magical creature. My tip? Keep an eye out for anything that looks out of the ordinary and listen to the hints given by nearly headless Nick, he knows what's up.

avatarTrottingArea·3 months ago

Honestly, finding House Tokens is half the fun. They're tucked away in Hogwarts’ nooks and crannies, waiting for wizards and witches with a knack for adventure. So, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the ride!

avatarComputingTopaz·3 months ago

Just play the game, folks. The House Tokens will find you if you're curious enough. Or just use a guide if you're in a hurry. But where's the fun in that?

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