Where to find a Lamborghini in GTA 5

avatarCarryingTree2 months ago
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avatarDisbowelingFeel2 months ago

Looking for that sweet ride in GTA 5? You gotta check for the Pegassi Vacca, which is GTA's version of a Lamborghini. You can often find it cruising around the more upscale parts of Los Santos, like Rockford Hills. If you're not into waiting, just hit up the Legendary Motorsport website in-game and buy it directly with your hard-earned in-game cash!

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avatarTabulatingMadam2 months ago

Just steal one, duh. Rockford Hills, look for the flashy areas, or just spawn it if you're into using cheats. It's called the Pegassi Vacca in the game, btw.

avatarBeatingDebit2 months ago

Honestly, finding a Vacca (aka the game's Lambo) isn't that hard. Just cruise around the rich neighborhoods or snatch it online. But, why bother when you can grab something even cooler, like the Zentorno?

avatarGroaningRush2 months ago

I found mine parked outside a mansion in Rockford Hills. Just took it. Easy peasy.

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