Where to Find Psycho in Fallout 76

avatarHatchellingCalm2 months ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisy2 months ago

Psycho hunting? Hit up any and all Raider camps. Those guys love their chems more than a scorched loves a warm campfire. Also, check the vendor machines at train stations. You might have to spend a few caps, but hey, that's why we hoard 'em, right?

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avatarReoccuringRace2 months ago

I legit found a stash of Psycho in an old, beat-up locker while running from a Deathclaw. Moral of the story? Always check the most random places - and maybe have a Deathclaw on your tail for good luck!

avatarWarningSquad2 months ago

Finding Psycho in Fallout 76 can be quite the adventure! Your best bets are scouring Raider camps, since those folks aren't known for their restraint with chems. Also, keep an eye out when you're looting containers or enemies; Psycho tends to pop up there too. If you're feeling crafty, you can also make it yourself at a chemistry station with the right recipe and ingredients.

avatarSignalingCloud2 months ago

Tbh, just buy it from the vendors. Saves you the hassle and the caps you spend, you'll make back in no time. Sometimes convenience is king.

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