Where to Get Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarInterferingHood4 months ago
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avatarBringingLimpa month ago

Getting your hands on arrows in Tears of the Kingdom isn't too tricky! You can buy them from various shops scattered around Hyrule. Keep an eye out for traveling merchants too; they sometimes sell them. Don't forget to break open crates and pots or search through ancient ruins, as these can be goldmines for arrows.

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avatarHouselingMoona month ago

If you're feeling adventurous, defeating archer enemies is a fun way to stockpile arrows. Just let them shoot at you (while skillfully dodging, of course), and then grab the arrows that miss. It's like you're tricking them into giving you free arrows!

avatarDealingDadaa month ago

Honestly, just find a Bokoblin archer camp, stand behind a tree, and let them fire away. Easy arrow farming!

avatarAlteringBeryla month ago

Why buy or farm? Just explore and play naturally; you'll find plenty of arrows without even trying.

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