Where to Get More Junk in Fallout Shelter

avatarBustingSpire3 months ago
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avatarDebiasingPons3 months ago

Lunchboxes, my friend! While exploring and recycling outfits and weapons is cool and all, lunchboxes give you a nice mix of resources, including junk. They're a bit like a lottery ticket, but hey, sometimes you hit the jackpot.

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avatarBeatingDebit3 months ago

Easiest way to stock up on junk? Just keep sending those Dwellers out into the Wasteland to explore. The longer they're out there, the more they'll bring back. Also, don't forget to upgrade your storage rooms so you can keep all that sweet, sweet junk they find!

avatarCorrectingGait3 months ago

Pro tip: Start recycling extra weapons and outfits you don't need. It's like turning trash into treasure, literally. Those spare jumpsuits and BB guns can be a goldmine of junk for crafting.

avatarAgeingJetty3 months ago

Honestly, just play the game. Junk comes naturally as you expand your vault, explore, and do quests. People overthink this.

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