Which is better: Letterbox or Fill for Valorant?

avatarDroppingSway3 months ago
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avatarNickelingAlana month ago

Honestly, it mostly comes down to personal preference but let's break it down. Letterbox adds black bars to the top and bottom of your screen, which might reduce your field of vision but some players find it helps them focus better on the action. Fill, on the other hand, stretches the game to fit your entire screen, giving you a wider view but sometimes at the cost of distortion or losing detail at the edges. If you're all about that peripheral vision, go Fill. If you prefer a more focused view without distractions, Letterbox might be your thing.

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avatarDroppingSwaya month ago

Fill, hands down. Why would you want to miss out on any action with unnecessary black bars? More vision equals more victories, folks.

avatarEmptyingDaisya month ago

Letterbox all the way. It's all about that cinematic feel plus it helps me concentrate better. Also, nobody got time for distorted enemies at the edge of their screen.

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