Who is Saori in Jujutsu Kaisen?

avatarResolvingGame4 months ago
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avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Saori? Oh, she's just a footnote in Todo's epic life story. Pretty much the girl who got away and inadvertently helped him figure out his type.

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avatarDezincingBrutea month ago

Saori doesn't play a major role in Jujutsu Kaisen. She's a character from a brief backstory involving Aoi Todo. Essentially, she's a girl that Aoi Todo once asked out, but she rejected him. It's through this rejection that Todo has an epiphany about what kind of women he's truly interested in, leading to his unique philosophy on life and friendships. So, while Saori herself isn't a key player, her impact on Todo鈥檚 character development is quite significant.

avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Saori is there to give us a glimpse into Todo's past. Had a brief moment and poof, gone! But hey, Todo's 'my type' enlightenment? Priceless.

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