Who is the Best Hero in Apex Legends?

avatarWipingBride3 months ago
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avatarBackingPeck3 months ago

Honestly, picking the best hero in Apex Legends totally depends on your playstyle, but Wraith has been a solid pick for a long time. Her ability to phase out and avoid damage plus her portal can make a huge difference in fights and positioning. Plus, she's got a hitbox that's kind of hard to hit, which definitely doesn't hurt.

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avatarRemovingMyth3 months ago

Gibraltar for the win, folks! His dome shield can be a game changer in tight situations, and the Defensive Bombardment? Oh boy, watch out when Gibby calls in the thunder. Plus, he's got that gun shield which basically gives him extra health in a gunfight. Gibraltar's like that tanky, protective big bro you always wished you had in a firefight.

avatarAgeingJetty3 months ago

Lifeline is the best, hands down. Her drone can heal you up in no time, which is clutch in tight situations. And don't get me started on her care package - high tier loot delivered right to your doorstep! Lifeline's all about keeping the squad in the fight, making her the real MVP.

avatarJiggettingBait3 months ago

Bloodhound all the way. Scanning enemies through walls? Tracking footprints? Bloodhound's the ultimate tracker. If you like knowing where your enemies are before they even know you're there, Bloodhound's your legend. Plus, the Beast of the Hunt ultimate makes you a literal killing machine.

avatarReroutingTopaz3 months ago

Wraith? Nah, overrated. Try playing Caustic and watch as your enemies helplessly try to navigate through your gas traps. Nothing's more satisfying than trapping an entire squad in a building and watching the chaos. Plus, his passive lets you see enemies through the gas. Caustic's the real unsung hero.

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