Who Sells Oil in Fallout 4?

avatarReplyingTheft3 months ago
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avatarAgeingJetty3 months ago

Don't bother buying oil. Just hoard every paint can, cooking oil bottle, and makeshift oil components like a wasteland pack-rat. Crafting stations are your best friend. Economical and efficient!

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avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago

You can buy oil from various traders and vendors across the Commonwealth! Specifically, check out Trashcan Carla who roams between Sanctuary Hills and Drumlin Diner, and Arturo in Diamond City. They usually have shipments of oil you can buy. Also, don't forget to scavenge for items like oil cans and flip lighters, which you can break down into oil at a crafting station.

avatarCorrectingGait3 months ago

Pro-tip: Robots. Just loot every robot you can dismantle. Seriously, who needs vendors when you've got a world full of robots begging to be recycled into your next big crafting project? Oil's everywhere if you've got the screws (and the moral flexibility) to get it.

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