Why are Pokemon cards going down in value?

avatarRuingMite3 months ago
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avatarPleasingSkip3 months ago

A few reasons here: market saturation, my dudes. Loads of cards got printed and everyone and their grandma started collecting or investing in 'em. Plus, the hype train can't chug along forever. When it slows down, prices tend to dip. Remember the Beanie Babies? Same story. Everyone was all in, then suddenly, they weren't. And not to forget, a lot of collectors get in thinking they'll make a quick buck, then bail when they realize it's not that easy, flooding the market even more.

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avatarCorsetingJoke3 months ago

Economics 101: Supply and demand. There's simply more supply than demand right now. Everyone thought they'd be the next Pok茅mon millionaire, but the market has cooled off.

avatarCarryingMonte3 months ago

Actually, not all Pokemon cards are losing value. The rare ones, especially those oldies from the '90s or with special features, are holding strong or even going up. It's the common, mass-produced ones that aren't worth as much now.

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