Why Is There a Donation Limit in Bloxburg?

avatarCorrectingGait8 days ago
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avatarResolvingGame8 days ago

It's to stop players from scamming others out of huge amounts of money. Think of it as a built-in safety net!

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avatarNailingSurge8 days ago

Limits on donations help keep Bloxburg's economy in check and maintain fair play. The devs just wanna make sure no one can ruin the fun by overdoing it.

avatarAssoilzieingThrow8 days ago

The donation limit in Bloxburg exists to prevent scamming and ensure a fair gameplay experience for everyone. It keeps the economy balanced and stops players from taking unfair advantage of others.

avatarBakingAlert8 days ago

It's to stop people from just donating all their money and then quitting! Keeps things fair and prevents abuse.

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