Will Tears of the Kingdom release at midnight?

avatarNailingSurge3 months ago
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avatarWarningSquada month ago

Yep, Tears of the Kingdom should hit the Nintendo eShop at midnight local time on release day. That's pretty standard for big releases like this. So, grab your snacks and energy drinks, it's gonna be a long night of epic Hyrule adventures!

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avatarTrainingLacea month ago

Actually, not everyone gets it at midnight. Depends on where you are. But hey, waiting a few extra hours for a masterpiece like Tears of the Kingdom? Totally worth it.

avatarVitriolingMoutha month ago

It's all about your location. Midnight releases usually happen based on your regional Nintendo eShop. So if you're in New York, you're getting it at a different time than someone in Tokyo. Make sure to check your local eShop for the exact timing!

avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Midnight release? Haha, good luck with the wait, I'll just sleep and play it in the morning. Why rush?

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