Everything About Takis

Everything About Takis

What are Takis?

Takis have skyrocketed to become one of the most popular snacks in all of America – and consequently, the rest of the world! Initially developed by Barcel in Mexico for the Latin American market, the crunchy and savory snack has become a staple in millions of people’s daily eating habits!

The popular snack is a spin on the traditional rolled up corn tortillas called “taquitos.” Taquitos are a widely popular dish in Mexico and several other countries in Latin America.

The company has fully embraced their title as a cult favorite snack food amongst Gen Z and the rest of America and have become known for their wild experimentation with flavors!

The traditional Taki flavor is covered in their spicy orange powder, but the flavor remixes are the gift that keep on giving, with everything from the spicy Fuego falvor to the odd-looking but delicious Blue Heat. At some point in 2020, there were even Zombie Takis!

The popular snack is widely available in most big box retailers and grocery stores, as well as online retailers. You can get them on Target, Walgreens, CVS, and order them online at Amazon.

You can also get Takis for free simply for playing games on your phone with Playbite!

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What are Takis made of?

The popular snack is made of a multitude of ingredients, as you might expect from a snack known for its intense flavors! The ingredients include:

  • corn
  • palm oil
  • salt sugar
  • natural flavors
  • citric acid
  • soy protein
  • yeast extract
  • monosodium glutamate
  • maltodextrin
  • dodium diacetate
  • vegetal oil
  • artificial flavors
  • onion powder
  • chili extract
  • silicate dioxide
  • baking soda
  • 2% or less of antioxidants
  • traces of lime

What are the Takis flavors?

There are many flavors out there, and the brand is constantly releasing new and exciting ones!

The most popular flavors include:

  • Fuego
  • Blue Heat
  • Nitro
  • Dragon Spicy Sweet Chile
  • BBQ Outlaw
  • Nacho Xplosion
  • Chipotle Ranch
  • Crunchy Fajitas
  • Guacamole (often called Green Takis)

Are Takis vegan?

Most flavors are vegan! However, since they launches so many different flavors some of them do contain ingredients that aren’t vegan. Here’s what’s vegan and what isn’t.

Which ones are vegan?

These flavors are vegan:

  • Fuego
  • Blue Heat
  • Nitro
  • Dragon Spicy Sweet Chile
  • BBQ Outlaw

Which ones are not vegan?

These flavors are not vegan:

  • Nacho Xplosion: contain milk-based ingredients
  • Chipotle Ranch: contain milk-based ingredients
  • Guacamole (also known as Green Takis): contain milk-based ingredients
  • Crunchy Fajitas: contain milk-based ingredients and eggs

What are Takis Waves?

As if all the flavor varieties weren’t enough, the brand has ventured beyond rolled up tortilla chips and created fun experiments like the Waves!

Takis Waves are wide and wavy potato chips similar to other popular chips like Lays and Pringles, but with the distinct and fiery Fuego flavor!

This type is hard to come by, but whenever possible get added as a prize in the Playbite app for users to get for free. If you’re interested in getting some for free, check out Playbite!

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What are Takis Stix?

Besides the classic shape and the Waves, the team has also developed Takis Stix.

The Stix model are solid sticks of spicy goodness, full of that flavorful dust everyone loves! The most common flavor is the standard Fuego flavor, but there’s also an even spicier one called the Stix Flare!

What are Taki Pringles?

In direct competition with Pringles (and their iconic tube-shaped container), the company released Takis Crisps.

Just like Pringles, this product offering packs the the chips inside of a cylinder-shaped container!

The company is making a big push into making their hit snack available in all shapes, sizes, and containers – including the iconic Pringles packaging shape… earning the nickname “taki pringles.”

Are Takis bad for you?

Takis are what scientists describe as ultra-processed foods. As with any processed foods, they should be eaten in moderation to avoid issues of obesity, diabetes, or other diseases.

There are many flavors out there, and some of the more spicy ones can also cause heartburn and indigestion.

Eat in moderation!

How do I get free Takis?

Great question! If you’re a big fan of this snack you might be interested in getting some for free! Who wouldn’t, right?

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That’s right, Takis aren’t the only snack food you can win either: Playbite has Trolli, Sour Patch Kids, and many more.

Playbite is completely free to play and has no ads. Instead, it monetizes through brand partnerships, making it a no-brainer for users to join.

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