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What Happens to Extra Peg E Chips in Monopoly Go?

What Happens to Extra Peg E Chips in Monopoly Go?
Tatiana Burgos

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Ever wondered what becomes of those extra Peg E Chips in Monopoly Go? Let’s dive into the heart of this question!

The Fate of Extra Peg E Chips

In Monopoly GO, extra Peg-E Chips disappear when the Prize Drop event ends. This applies to any chips you haven’t used during the event, regardless of how you obtained them.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens to Peg-E Chips:

  • During the event:
    • You collect Peg-E Chips through various means like tournaments, daily rewards, and completing milestones.
    • You use these chips to play the Prize Drop mini-game, which gives you a chance to win rewards like dice rolls, cash, and Plinko tokens.
    • Any unused chips remain in your inventory until the event ends.
  • After the event:
    • All unused Peg-E Chips automatically disappear from your inventory.
    • The Prize Drop mini-game becomes unavailable until the next event.

There are currently no ways to save or store extra Peg-E Chips for future events. They are strictly tied to the specific event they are earned in.

Therefore, it’s best to use your Peg-E Chips strategically during the event to maximize your chances of winning desirable rewards. You can check the event timer to see how much time you have left to use your chips.

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