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Who Is in the Royal Match Ads?

Who Is in the Royal Match Ads?
Jessica Ferguson

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Ever wonder who the charming fellow in trouble in the Royal Match ads is? You’re not alone! Let’s dive into who stars in these captivating advertisements.

So, who exactly is the face of Royal Match’s engaging ads? We’re here to spill the beans!

Meet King Robert from Royal Match

The star of the Royal Match ads is none other than King Robert himself. This fictional character finds himself in various predicaments, appealing to potential players to come to his rescue by playing the game.

King Robert, with his regal charm and amusing dilemmas, is a clever creation by the Royal Match team to grab your attention. Unlike many games that use gameplay footage or flashy graphics, Royal Match uses the story of King Robert in distress to intrigue and entice a broader audience. It’s an innovative way to showcase the game’s fun match-3 mechanic without directly showing it.

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Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite
Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite

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