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Why Are Royal Match Ads Everywhere? Unveiling the Mystery

Why Are Royal Match Ads Everywhere? Unveiling the Mystery
Diego Kafie

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Ever wondered why you can’t seem to escape those Royal Match ads every time you’re browsing online or playing games? It seems like wherever you go, King Robert is there waiting with a new puzzle to solve.

Let’s dive into why Royal Match, the vibrant match-3 game, is popping up everywhere and catching everyone’s attention.

The Short Answer: Strategic Advertising

Royal Match has a bold strategy for making its presence felt far and wide. The game creators launch a plethora of advertisements showcasing the charming King Robert in various tricky situations, aiming to lure in a diverse audience.

By featuring a wide array of game mechanics in these ads—many of which aren’t even in the actual game—they captivate a broader audience. This clever tactic encourages people to download the game in hopes of trying out these intriguing puzzles, only to find the core fun of matching 3 gems.

Tying Royal Match’s Everywhere-Ads to Playbite

Curious about all those Royal Match ads and tempted to give it a go? Here’s a fun twist: as you enjoy Royal Match’s ad-free gameplay, remember you can boost your in-game currency without spending a dime. How? Through Playbite!

Download the Playbite app, where you can earn real App Store and Google Play gift cards by playing casual mobile games. Use these to get coins and hearts in Royal Match, making your gaming journey even more thrilling. It’s a win-win situation: enjoy endless fun in Royal Match and earn rewards in Playbite!

Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite
Win Royal Match Credit on Playbite

In case you’re wondering: Playbite simply makes money from (not super annoying) ads and (totally optional) in-app purchases. It then uses that money to reward players with really cool prizes!

Join Playbite today!

Win Royal Match coins by playing games on Playbite!




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