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Why Does Stumble Guys Take So Long to Load?

Why Does Stumble Guys Take So Long to Load?
Jessica Ferguson

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Ever wondered why your favorite game, Stumble Guys, seems to take its sweet time loading? Let’s dive into this question with some curiosity and fun.

Why exactly does Stumble Guys take a while to get you into the action? We’ve got the scoop just for you.

The Short Answer

Several factors contribute to Stumble Guys’ loading times, including your internet connection speed, the game’s server status, and your device’s performance capabilities.

Stumble Guys, being a massive multiplayer knockout game with up to 32 players, requires a stable and fast internet connection. If your internet is slow, it might take longer for the game to load. Additionally, when the game’s servers are under heavy load or undergoing maintenance, loading times can increase. Lastly, if your device is older or doesn’t meet the game’s recommended specifications, it might struggle to load the game quickly.

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