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How to Get Free Robux

How to Get Free Robux
Diego Kafie

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If you’re like most kids in 2023, you’re obsessed with Roblox. You’re playing it at night, on the bus ride home, and even during class. But Roblox is even more fun when you have free robux to spend, isn’t it?

With robux, you can get all kinds of in-game items and upgrades, and stand out amongst all the other Roblox players!

So who wouldn’t want to get free robux? Turns out, you can actually earn free robux by playing fun and simple games on your phone with Playbite!

Think of Playbite as an arcade, but in your phone. You go in and have a ton of games to choose from, with more being added constantly. You play games, earn points for playing, and can then go to the Shop and spend those points for real prizes – one of which is a Roblox Gift Card!

Playbite is available on the App Store, Play Store, and on mobile web browsers.

Join Playbite for free!

Get free robux on Playbite

We built Playbite because we were tired of mobile games being full of ads and not having rewards. We’re a bunch of nerds who are into game development, mobile apps, and anime, and decided to build “Chuck E. Cheese on your phone” to give users an app with our own games that offers:

  • all games in one app (like Netflix or Spotify, but with games)
  • cool prizes (gift cards, fidget toys, snacks, electronics, and more)

The app also has a great community and we’re constantly running events and giveaways too, so there’s a lot to look forward to constantly! We’re always giving away free tix for all kinds of things, and you’ll get a big ticket bonus just for signing up.

Join Playbite today!

What’s the catch?

We get asked “what’s the catch?” all the time. I get it. Why would we basically give away free robux? Well, the answer is easy. We’re not giving it away for free… but we’re also not screwing with you – our user – either! We’re simply working with brands to have them sponsor our prizes… and we’re even making custom games for them too!

Rest assured, if you play our games long enough, you will get your free robux – no catch!

Free robux generators don’t work

We see gamers searching for free robux generators all over the Internet. Recently, we’ve seen a ton of scam apps pop up on iOS and Android too, asking for weird things like access to your Roblox account, and promising you don’t need human verification to participate.

We’ve also seen a lot of these generators promise an insane amount of robux that is just simply impossible, or claim they’ve discovered a robux hack.

Finally, we’ve noticed Roblox games themselves trying to get you to do weird things and promising to give you Roblox promo codes in return.

Do not engage with any of these – they are all trying to scam you!

Let me explain:

Robux (rbx) is the in-game currency of Roblox. The currency is completely controlled by the Roblox Corporation, the company behind the game. The only way to get robux is by buying it straight from the Roblox Corporation with real money.

Roblox Corporation sells robux in just a few ways:

  • One time in-app purchases you can buy directly from your account
  • Recurring subscriptions you can buy directly from your account that give you a robux stipend every month it renews
  • Roblox gift cards you can buy online or in real life (like at Target or Walmart)

After you buy a Roblox gift card, you have to scratch off the back of it to get a long string of text and numbers that you can input into your account to redeem the robux promo code.

Generators that offer free robux codes are simply trying to make up these codes on the fly to try to hack Roblox. Not only does it not work, they’re basically trying to trick Roblox, which is not cool!

How does Playbite get its robux then?

Simple. We buy Roblox gift cards, and then give them out as prizes to awesome gamers in our platform!

Microsoft Rewards works, but isn’t fun

Another popular method that does work to get robux is Microsoft Rewards. This is a program offered by Microsoft where you can earn points for taking certain actions. Then, you can use your points and spend them on their rewards page, and one of the rewards they offer – just like us – is the Roblox Gift Card.

Here’s the problem. Microsoft Rewards is mainly built around you earning points for searching stuff on the Internet. That’s not fun! That sounds like a chore, or homework.

To be fair, they also give you points for playing on Xbox, but not everyone has an Xbox and lots of Roblox players are into simpler mobile games, not console games.

Bottom line is you should do both: get free robux by playing fun and simple games on Playbite and using Microsoft Rewards!

Earn free robux for playing games on Playbite

Playbite’s mission is to build the most rewarding and entertaining app in the world. That means we want to give you maximum fun and maximum prizes. Roblox is an incredible game we admire and respect, and we are delighted to help users get robux legitimately – while having fun!

It’s also worth mentioning that Roblox gift cards are just one of many prizes we have on the app. If you’re into other video games and want skins, game passes, or other perks, you might be interested in knowing we also have gift cards for Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon, and GameStop!

We also have physical prizes that get delivered to your door, like Takis or Trolli, and other snacks. We’ve even given away a few Apple AirPods!

Join Playbite now and earn free robux by playing games!


  1. How to get free robux?

    You can get free robux by playing games on Playbite, an arcade on your phone where you play games, earn points, and redeem those points for prizes like a Roblox gift card.

  2. How do you get free robux?

    You get free robux by playing games on Playbite and redeeming your tickets for a Roblox gift card.

  3. What are some ways to earn robux?

    You can earn robux by playing fun simple games on Playbite, or searching and shopping on Microsoft Rewards.

Win official Roblox gift cards by playing games on Playbite!




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