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How Long Does Pending Robux Take?

How Long Does Pending Robux Take?
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If you’re expecting some robux to hit your account soon, you might be wondering how long pending robux takes. Let’s dig in!

Roblox players can receive robux by selling something in the Roblox platform. That typically comes in the form of selling a cosmetic, a game pass, or some other in-game item.

The receipt of this robux can sometimes take time, as Roblox has mechanisms in place to prevent fraud and discourage people from trying to cheat the system.

Pending robux can take up to 2 weeks

Pending robux can take up to 2 weeks to be fully processed and credited to your account.

However, in most cases it takes less time than that. It is important to note that the processing time can vary depending on the payment method used and other factors that may affect the transaction. It is recommended to wait a few days before contacting support if your robux is still pending.

How Long Does Pending Robux Take?
How Long Does Pending Robux Take?

In most cases, it will get credited without a problem! It just sucks to have to be a little patient…

Did you know you can win robux on Playbite?

If you’re looking for extra robux, you need to check out Playbite!

It’s an arcade app where you can play fun games and win cool prizes from all the top brands for playing. One of those prizes is the official Roblox gift card, as sold by the Roblox Corporation. Typically it’s the $10 gift card, which gets you about 800 robux.

There’s also all kinds of other official gift cards, like Fortnite V-Bucks, Apple gift cards, Google Play, etc.

Get Free Robux on Playbite
Get Free Robux on Playbite

Playbite simply makes money from ads and optional in-app purchases, and uses that money to pay for prizes players can win. It’s like an arcade, but in your phone!

Check out Playbite on web or download on the App Store and Play Store!

Win official Roblox gift cards by playing games on Playbite!




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