How To Give People Robux On Roblox


How To Give People Robux On Roblox

If you’re a generous Roblox player, you might be wondering how you can give people you care about some robux!

You’ll be glad to hear there’s an easy way to do it! It requires a little bit of work from you and the other party, but it’s nothing crazy! Let’s dig in.

Give other people robux with a game pass

The best way to transfer some robux from your accounts to someone else’s is to have them set up a basic game experience and a gamepass within it!

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you want to give a friend 50 robux. They can go into Roblox from their computers and set up an Experience. This is free and does not require Premium.

From there, they can set up a game pass that is sold by that experience. Once that is live, you can simply purchase that game pass, effectively “buying” something from your friend and giving them the robux that way!

It’s important to note that Roblox keeps 30% of all sales, so if your friend sets the price at 50, they’ll only get 35 robux instead.

The process is the same no matter the amount, even if you’re trying to send 10,000 robux!

This video walks you through it in great detail:

Give your friends – or yourself – official Roblox gift cards

On top of that, what if you could surprise your friends – or simply treat yourself – to some free official Roblox gift cards?

Well, you can do that by playing fun games on Playbite! Playbite is an arcade app where you can play all kinds of fun games and win cool prizes for playing.

One of those prizes is the official $10 Roblox gift card, sold by Roblox itself.

Free Robux on Playbite
Get Free Robux on Playbite

In case you’re wondering how it works: Playbite makes money from light ad breaks and totally optional in-app purchases, which is then uses to buy prizes for players like you to win. Since you’re already playing a ton oof games on your phone, why not play one where you can get rewards?

Playbite is available on the App Store, Play Store, and web – join now!

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Diego Kafie is the CEO and co-founder of Playbite. Playbite is a mobile arcade where users can play a wide variety of fun and simple games, earn tickets for playing, and redeem those tickets for all kinds of fun prizes!