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How to Pick People Up in Stumble Guys

How to Pick People Up in Stumble Guys
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Have you ever wondered how to pick people up in Stumble Guys? It’s a question many players have when tumbling through the colorful, chaotic world of this popular game.

So, let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter: How do you lift and carry other players in Stumble Guys?

Grabbing Your Way to Victory

As thrilling as it may sound, Stumble Guys does not currently allow players to pick up or carry other competitors in the game. The action-packed nature of Stumble Guys focuses more on running, dodging, and overcoming obstacles rather than physical interactions like picking up opponents.

While you might have seen or heard about picking up players in similar games, Stumble Guys keeps its gameplay straightforward and competitive by limiting direct physical interactions to avoid complicating the fun chaos.

Winning Stumble Guys Without Picking Up Players

Even though you can’t lift your competitors off their feet, there are plenty of strategies to succeed in Stumble Guys. Mastering the art of dodging obstacles, timing your moves, and understanding each map’s layout can put you ahead of the pack. Emphasize agility, quick thinking, and a bit of luck to claim victory.

Remember, Stumble Guys is all about enjoying the unpredictability of each match. The lack of a ‘pick up’ feature adds to the game’s challenge, requiring players to find innovative ways to win.

Cash in Your Wins with Playbite

Speaking of winning, did you know that playing Stumble Guys can help you snag some awesome rewards on Playbite? By participating in casual mobile games through the Playbite app, you can earn points and win official App Store and Google Play gift cards. These gift cards can then be used to get gems, Stumble Tokens, and more in Stumble Guys, giving you a leg up in the competition.

So, why wait? Download the Playbite app now, start earning those rewards, and make your Stumble Guys experience even more thrilling. Who needs to pick up players when you can pick up fantastic prizes and in-game currencies instead?

Win Stumble Guys Credit on Playbite
Win Stumble Guys Credit on Playbite

In case you’re wondering: Playbite simply makes money from (not super annoying) ads and (totally optional) in-app purchases. It then uses that money to reward players with really cool prizes!

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