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Is Match Masters Rigged?

Is Match Masters Rigged?
Diego Kafie

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Match Masters, that game where you connect colorful blobs and cross your fingers for victory, can leave some players feeling a little grumpier than others. Is it just bad luck when you can’t seem to find a single match, or is the game playing tricks on you? This raises the big question: is Match Masters rigged?

Some players think Match Masters might have a hidden hand…

Join us as we dive into the world of Match Masters mechanics and find the truth about whether it’s a fair fight or a sneaky one-sided battle.

Is Match Masters Playing Tricks On You?

There are many online claims and discussions that suggest that Match Masters might be rigged.

While it’s impossible to definitively prove or disprove that, here’s a balanced perspective on it:

Arguments for it being rigged:

  • Many players report sudden changes in difficulty, impossible boards, or convenient coincidences for their opponents.
  • Some players feel unfair matchups occur, where they face stronger opponents despite their own skill level.
  • Some theorize the game leads players towards spending by making wins harder without boosts.

Arguments against it being rigged:

  • Players might be more likely to notice and remember unlucky coincidences.
  • Many skilled players consistently win tournaments and achieve high ranks, demonstrating that victory is doable through practice and strategy.
  • Match Masters incorporates a degree of randomness in tile generation and special effects activations, which can lead to unpredictable results.

Ultimately, whether you believe Match Masters is rigged comes down to individual interpretation and personal experience. So, it’s important to approach these claims with a critical mindset and consider all perspectives!

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