How do you get a mermaid pendant in Stardew Valley?

avatarSingingRidge3 months ago
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avatarInterferingHood3 months ago

Lemme keep it short: Get your house bigger, make sure somebody loves you crazy (10 hearts, no less), and then buy a mermaid pendant from the Old Mariner on the beach when it rains. 5,000G. Done.

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avatarUnifyingSlum3 months ago

So you wanna put a ring on it in Stardew Valley? Easy peasy. First, you gotta upgrade that farmhouse of yours at least once. Then, ensure your chosen villager's heart is bursting with love for you, aka have at least 10 hearts with them. Now, wait for a rainy day. When the skies open, head to the beach and look for the Old Mariner. He's the guy in the raincoat who looks like he's seen some things. He'll sell you the mermaid pendant for 5,000G. Slip that to your sweetheart, and you're ready to tie the knot. Rain check your wedding plans though; it's gotta rain for the mariner to show up.

avatarQuestioningVale3 months ago

Honestly, just wait for a rainy day after you've accomplished the basic 'be a good partner' stuff in the game. The rest is straightforward.

avatarArisingWard3 months ago

Rainy days are good for two things in Stardew: watering your crops for free and buying mermaid pendants. Just make sure you've got a level 10 love tank and an upgraded pad.

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