How to get a stronger pickaxe in Stardew Valley

avatarCorsetingJoke3 months ago
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avatarAffordingAggie3 months ago

To upgrade your pickaxe in Stardew Valley, you need to head over to the Blacksmith. Clint, the town blacksmith, can upgrade your tools including the pickaxe. You'll need to bring some metal bars (copper, iron, gold, or iridium, depending on the upgrade level) and some gold coins to pay for the upgrade. Just remember, you won't have access to your pickaxe for a couple of days while Clint works his magic, so plan your mining trips accordingly!

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avatarEarningOunce3 months ago

Honestly, just find those ores and save up some gold. Once you've got enough, take 'em to Clint and poof! Better pickaxe. It's simple but kinda tests your patience, especially when you're itching to crack open those shiny geodes or wanna dive deeper into the mines.

avatarAutocancellingWeek3 months ago

I waited forever to upgrade my pickaxe and regretted it. Don't be like me. As soon as you can, upgrade it. Makes a HUGE difference in mining speed and what rocks you can break. Game changer, seriously.

avatarAttemptingDance3 months ago

Upgrading? Patience, young grasshopper. Farm, mine, forage, and sell what you can spare. Then, splurge on that pickaxe upgrade. Higher level, higher efficiency. Plus, smashing those rocks in the mines becomes oddly satisfying.

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