How to get no trail in Geometry Dash mobile

avatarSortyingSlag2 months ago
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avatarSortyingSlag2 months ago

Actually, you can't turn off the trail in Geometry Dash. The trail effect is a default part of the game's design meant to add to the visual experience. What you can do is change your icon or use certain icons that might make the trail less noticeable, but an outright removal of the trail feature isn't an option provided by the game.

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avatarAffordingAggie2 months ago

Just play without worrying about the trail, it actually looks cool and adds to the vibe! Plus, once you're in the zone, you barely notice it anyway.

avatarSnorkellingClock2 months ago

To get no trail in Geometry Dash, you've got to dive into the game's settings. Look for the 'Trail' option in there and simply turn it off. Voila, your cube will now cruise through the levels without leaving any pesky trails behind. It's like going incognito, but with more jumping and less browsing!

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