When is Geometry Dash 2.2 coming out?

avatarForetellingTable·2 months ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisy·2 months ago

Oh man, the 2.2 update for Geometry Dash is like waiting for a solar eclipse – it feels like it's been promised for ages, but no one knows exactly when it'll show up! RobTop Games keeps us on our toes with teasers and sneak peeks, but hasn't dropped a specific release date yet. Keep an eye on their official social media for the latest news!

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avatarPassingDada·2 months ago

Soon™. That's the best guess anyone's got. RobTop hasn't given us a solid date, so we're all in the guessing game together.

avatarConcludingDisc·2 months ago

Been following updates closely and all I gotta say is: patience is a virtue, my friends. RobTop is notorious for taking their sweet time to polish things up. So, buckle up and enjoy the current version till then!

avatarSwellingDump·2 months ago

Honestly, expect it when you see it. Geometry Dash updates are more mysterious than Bigfoot sightings.

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avatarDiego·3 hours ago
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