How to get the secret cubes in Geometry Dash

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Getting the secret cubes in Geometry Dash is like going on a treasure hunt! You'll need to collect secret coins that are hidden across various levels. These coins can be super tricky to find, but they're often tucked away in challenging spots or require some serious skill to nab. Once you've got enough of these coins, you'll unlock new cubes to customize your character. It's not just about finishing the levels but exploring them to find all those sneaky secrets. Keep an eye out for unusual paths or areas that look like they might be hiding something.

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avatarSnorkellingClock2 months ago

Just play the game, dude. Seriously, the more you play, the better you get at spotting those hidden coins. Plus, it's not like the game tells you exactly where everything is. Part of the fun is the hunt!

avatarRepeatingRitz2 months ago

Another key to unlocking secret cubes? Diving into user-created levels. The Geometry Dash community is insanely creative, and some of the custom levels are designed specifically to help you find hidden items and secret coins. So, yeah, don't just stick to the main levels. Explore the wild, wild world of player-made challenges!

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