How to install a Geometry Dash texture pack

avatarBurstingHong2 months ago
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avatarPleasingSkip2 months ago

FYI, installing texture packs in Geometry Dash isn't officially supported. Basically, you're modding the game. Some packs can change how the game feels, maybe making it easier or harder to see obstacles. So, pick a texture pack that won't mess up your rhythm!

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avatarManningAndy2 months ago

Installing a Geometry Dash texture pack is like giving your game a new coat of paint! First, make sure you've downloaded the texture pack you wanna use. Then, find your Geometry Dash game folder (usually under Steam's 'steamapps' then 'common' if you're on PC). Back up your 'Resources' folder because you're gonna replace some files. Open the texture pack, and you'll usually see a bunch of image files. Just copy these into your 'Resources' folder in the game directory, replacing the old ones. Remember, always backup in case you wanna switch back or something goes wrong!

avatarTrottingArea2 months ago

It's easy, just drag and drop the files into the game folder. Done.

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