How to install Geometry Dash on TI-84 Plus CE

avatarPressingDesk2 months ago
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avatarPracticingClock2 months ago

Unfortunately, you can't install the original Geometry Dash on a TI-84 Plus CE calculator because it's designed for mobile and PC platforms, not graphing calculators. However, if you're looking for a similar experience, there are fan-made versions of games inspired by Geometry Dash that are compatible with TI calculators. Check out sites like, where enthusiasts share their own games and programs for TI calculators. You might find something that scratches that Geometry Dash itch!

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avatarCluingWear2 months ago

Nope, Geometry Dash on a TI-84 Plus CE isn't gonna happen. It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The calculator just isn't built to run a game as complex as Geometry Dash. Stick to playing it on your phone or computer where it belongs!

avatarConcludingDisc2 months ago

I actually managed to get a Geometry Dash-like game on my TI-84 Plus CE! It's not the official game, but a simplified version some genius made for the calculator. It's pretty basic compared to the full game, but still fun. Just search for 'geometry jump' or similar terms on calculator programming forums or websites. Remember, it's all about the community-created content when it comes to these things.

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avatarDiego3 hours ago
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