How to make a better Geometry Dash level

avatarColoringNoon·2 months ago
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avatarSigningSpine·2 months ago

First off, a killer Geometry Dash level starts with awesome music. Pick a track that really gets you pumped! Then, think about the flow. Your level should have a nice rhythm to it, matching the beats and drops of the track. Use varied obstacles to keep players on their toes, but don’t make it impossible. A few challenging spots are cool, but if players keep dying in the first 10 seconds, they'll bail. And don’t forget to decorate! Visuals that complement the music can turn a good level into an epic one. Lastly, test, test, test! Run through your level multiple times, get feedback from friends, and tweak until it feels just right.

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avatarJiggettingBait·2 months ago

Honestly, all you need is creativity. I’ve seen simple levels that are way more fun than some over-the-top ones. Keep it original!

avatarRemovingMyth·2 months ago

too long; didn't read: pick good music, don’t overdo the difficulty, and make it pretty. ezpz.

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